Kevin Parichan
San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area, California
Skill Summary

- Over 20 years of software development experience
- Custom application development
- Porting between platforms
- iOS, Macintosh, Android, Windows APIs
- Human interface design, graphics, animation, network applications
- Xcode, Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse
- Objective-C, Java, Swift, Kotlin, C/C++, Pascal
- UIKit, AppKit, Android SDK, MFC, application frameworks
- Git/Github, Subversion, CVS

Cureatr - May 2013 to Present
Ongoing software development for Cureatr's HIPAA-compliant secure messaging mobile app for medical professionals, which also includes patient care and medication information and analysis. Includes development for both the iOS and Android versions of the product.

Previous tasks included adding support for patient information, workflow forms, and real-time user status changes, refreshing the user experience, customized view controller transitions, and modernizing the iOS app to support Dark Mode, Dynamic Type, and unit testing. Android app enhancements include support for LiveData and ViewModels, and transitioning AndroidX. - Mar 2011 to Jan 2013
Provided software development for Catch's various mobile products.

Catch Notes for Android and iOS - Tasks included updating interface elements for the Catch 5 release. Previous tasks included implementing new stream and syncing APIs on Android, localization changes on iOS, and fixing miscellaneous bugs on both platforms.

Compass for Android - Tasks included updating the app with new compass themes available for purchase via Google's in-app purchase API.

AK Notepad for Android - Tasks included updating the app's SQL database and note synchronization code.

Encore - Dec 2010 to Feb 2011
Updated Hoyle 2011 games to comply with Mac App Store guidelines. Tasks included updating Xcode projects, removing deprecated Mac OS API usage, and validating App Store receipts.
Edmodo - Apr 2010 to Nov 2010
Developed the Edmodo iPhone application. Acts as a portal to the Edmodo website, which lets teachers and students stay connected and share information. The app communicates with the Edmodo servers using a RESTful interface, implemented using the HTTPRiot and Three20 open source libraries.

Developed the Edmodo Android app. Acts as a portal to the Edmodo website, which lets teachers and students stay connected and share information. The app was developed on Mac OS using Eclipse and the Android SDK.

Shutterfly - June 2010 to Oct 2010
Developed the Shutterfly iPad application. Provides a user experience similar to the Photos app, allowing users to browse the photo albums of a Shutterfly account, or present them in a slideshow. Users can also upload pictures to their Shutterfly account.
i5works - 2002 to 2010
Owner/Partner of i5works, a company that developed entertainment software for multiple platforms. Projects included porting games from the Windows platform to the Mac OS. This included titles such as Call of Duty 4, LEGO Star Wars, Command & Conquer Generals, and SimCity 4. The company also developed custom applications, such as Comic Life for Windows.
Shutterfly - Dec 2008 to Nov 2009
Developed Shutterfly iPhone application versions 1.0 and 2.0 to browse the photo albums and pictures of a Shutterfly account. Users can also upload pictures to their Shutterfly account from the built-in iPhone photo albums and camera. Developed using the native iPhone SDK and the Shutterfly Open API.

Part of team which developed the Wink iPhone application. Development included photo strip presentation and editing, and rendering of full sized strips, using Core Graphics. Additionally, implemented native user interface and networking for PayPal payment support within the app.

Shutterfly - Oct 2006 to Dec 2006
Updated iPhoto and web browser upload assistants to run natively on Intel-based Macintosh computers. The assistants are plug-ins which provide a Mac-like user experience for uploading pictures to Shutterfly accounts. The plug-ins were originally developed using CodeWarrior, and were updated using Xcode and gcc.
Bear River Associates Inc. - Aug 2003 to Sept 2003
Part of team which ported BART QuickPlanner to the Pocket PC. Product created using Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).
Bear River Associates Inc. - Sept 2002 to Dec 2002
Part of team which developed Palm OS database application for Genentech. Product makes use of Object Library for Palm OS application framework and UltraLite SQL library from Sybase.
Aspyr Media, Inc. - Apr 2002 to Nov 2002
Lead team that ported Ghost Recon for Windows by Red Storm Entertainment to the Mac OS. Product makes use of OpenGL, QuickTime, DrawSprocket, and Carbon Events, and supports both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.
Kart Saver, Inc. - March 2002
Developed monitoring software for K-Check system. Software is for Windows platform and uses the Universal Library to communicate with a PCI I/O board for the purpose of monitoring video camera states.
Equilibrium - Nov 2001 to Feb 2002
Part of team which developed DeBabelizer Pro 5 for Mac OS X using Carbon APIs. Product is a tool for automating media production, with features to edit, optimize, and convert any number of images, animations, and video frames.
Varcon Systems Inc. - Nov 2000 to Sept 2001
Lead team that ported Vampire: The Masquerade for Windows by Nihilistic Software to the Mac OS. Product makes use of OpenGL and DrawSprocket for graphics, Bink for video, QuickTime and Sound Manager for audio, and Java for scripting. Also makes use of OpenAL to support EAX (Environmental Audio Extensions) on Sound Blaster audio cards.
Efficient Networks, Inc. - Nov 2000 to Mar 2001
Developed user interface for a PPPoE service browser using Metrowerks PowerPlant. Interface allowed for browsing of existing services as well as for specifying new service locations.
Varcon Systems Inc. - May 2000 to Nov 2000
Ported Rogue Spear for Windows by Red Storm Entertainment to the Mac OS. Modified product to seamlessly include Urban Operations Mission Pack. Product makes use of OpenGL, QuickTime, DrawSprocket, Sound Manager, and SoundSprocket for 3D audio.
Ofoto, Inc. - Apr 2000 to July 2000
Developed browser plug-in for Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer for Mac OS that allows users to drag and drop JPEG images from their desktop to a floating window. The images are uploaded via HTTP to an Ofoto server for later viewing by the user. Product makes use of Open Transport, Threads Manager, and AppleEvents.
Pragmatic Designs Inc. - Nov 1999 to Feb 2000
Developed Digi-Link software for Mac OS and Windows. The product allows users to transfer JPEG images and firmware upgrades to a Digi-Frame, an electronic picture frame. The Digi-Link software uses the XModem protocol to transfer files via a serial connection to the Digi-Frame device.
Varcon Systems Inc. - Apr 1999 to Nov 1999
Ported Rainbow Six for Windows by Red Storm Entertainment to the Mac OS. Modified product to seamlessly include Eagle Watch Mission Pack. Product makes use of OpenGL, QuickTime, DrawSprocket, Sound Manager, and SoundSprocket for 3D audio. Also made use of Sound Input Manager to provide real-time voice chat between players during multiplayer games.
Softlink Inc. - Nov 1998 to June 1999
Developed user interface for Mac OS version of eMail VOICELink. The product allows you to send multimedia e-mail messages which contain voice, text, and graphics. Ported Windows MFC based application to the Mac OS using Metrowerks PowerPlant. Provided Mac OS engineering advice to client's engineering staff.
Bear River Associates Inc. - Jan 1998 to May 1998
Developed Sun Community Server, a Java application that provides an Internet based "community" which allows users to participate in any number of discussion groups and communicate with other users. The application is built from a collection of servlets running on a Java web server and makes use of an SQL database to store system information.
Varcon Systems Inc. - Nov 1996 to Aug 1997
Ported Civilization II for Windows by MicroProse to the Mac OS. Required custom interface design that retained look and feel of the game and also Mac OS platform. Product makes use of graphics, RedBook audio, QuickTime movies, and AIFF audio. Also includes an application that allows players to create custom maps.
Bear River Associates Inc. - Sept 1996 to Nov 1996
Developed spreadsheet-like database interface where cells can contain text, numbers, graphics, popup menus, and check boxes. Made extensive use of drag and drop to reorder, resize, and delete cells and columns. Cells could also be proportionally sized based on cell data and could contain calculated values based on values from others cells.

Developed interface for sound editing application which made use of custom high end sound input/output hardware.

Learning In Motion - Jan 1996 to Feb 1997
Developed color painting library for inclusion in Knowledge Forum. Included standard painting tools such as brushes, shapes, lasso and marquee selections, with full undo support. Also included custom features such as fully editable floating text and highlight objects.

Developed Book Exchange, a book report application for students to share information about books that they have read. Includes a card catalog of books to browse and a desktop where students can leave reports that they are currently working on.

PointCast, Inc. - Sept 1995 to Dec 1995
Developed HTML parser and viewer using PowerPlant to be included in PointCast Network browser.
Learning In Motion - Aug 1995
Enhanced WASTE library (WorldScriptTM Aware Styled Text Engine) to support additional text styles which are not part of the standard Mac OS QuickDraw style set.
Berkeley Systems, Inc. - Apr 1993 to May 1995
Designed and developed Expresso Calendar and Address Book. Acted as Mac OS Technical Lead and was responsible for maintaining and expanding the Macintosh portion of Expresso's cross-platform application framework which included support for graphics, files, sound, user interface, and printing. Developed Expresso's look and animation architectures. Developed Mac OS version of patent pending FlashBack feature. Also available as StarDate for Star Trek fans.
Farallon Computing, Inc. - Aug 1990 to Mar 1993
Designed and developed StarCommand, a Mac OS network management product which manages repeaters, routers and other hardware products.

Designed and developed a class library to support the core suite of AppleEvents, a file transfer utility, a real-time chatting application, a paint program with the ability to have multiple users simultaneously drawing together, and a background printing utility.


B.S. Computer Science, 1990

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